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Metaverse Project

Coming Soon

A Small Step To The Metaverse


Buff Doge Coin 3x3 land on Sandbox.

The land of Buff Doge Coin is located near ATARI, very close to the Atari Centipede game, and directly connected to the Oasis.

This land is critical for the future of Buff Doge Coin, it will be used for:​

  1. Marketing: every day millions of people will see the Buff Doge Coin logo on the Sandbox map.
  2. Meeting & Hangout places for Buff Doge Coin holders to meet in Metaverse.
  3. Buff Doge Coin games & events: Buff Doge Coin will build a metaverse game in the Sandbox. 
  4. Promote Buff Doge Coin NFT & create Buff Doge Coin Sandbox NFT.
  5. Passive Income to buy back more Buff Doge Coin.
Stay tuned.
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